If you decide you no longer wish to use our services, (this will make us really sad!) and would like to have your data deleted, you can request this within the app.  You can also email us your request to delete via your designated email.  

Within the app, just navigate to settings, and select Delete account, which can be found at the base of the setting:

**Alternatively, clicking thumbs down within this page will open a ticket where you can request an account deletion. 

You will be asked to "swipe to confirm", once completed your request will be sent to our Customer Service team to process.

This action cannot be undone, and we check with you before processing your request.   Once confirmed, your request will take  working days to complete.

Following your request for an "Account Deletion", please delete you app from your device.  


This action is to only be taken when you wish to remove ALL your data.  This is not to be used when re-installing the app. 

You can find answers to most queries by checking out our FAQs.   Alternatively, if you ever need support, our amazing UK based Customer Service Team is available Mon-Fri 9-6.   

You can email us at care@planet-talk.co.uk or call us on 0333 303 3333