When making a top up for the 1st time with your debit or credit card, you'll be asked to authenticate your card.   This allows us to confirm your details are correct, and verifies without any fee, so authentication is £0!


This step is part of a regulation in the UK to help fight fraud and increase the security of your online payments.  It's important that you do NOT press back as this will create an error.  You must follow the on screen instructions.


Depending on your bank, this might be done a number of ways.  Most providers will ask you to verify via your banking app, this can be either approving in app or by adding in a one-time code.


If you are unsure how to do his, we’ve put together a few links below on what to expect with different banks:


You can use our FAQs to learn more about what you can do in your app, and what to do in the event that you ever experience any issues. 


Our app is easy to use, and you can learn more about Planet Talk and what we do, by visiting our website or checking out our FAQs.  

Unlike other providers, we also have a UK based Customer Service Team to call is you ever need support.  Our team is available Mon-Fri 9-6. You can email us at care@planet-talk.co.uk or call us on 0333 303 3333.